6 Things You Should Know About German Shepherds

What’s in a name? That which we call a GSD… German Shepherd dogs have been known by many names over the years. Originally, they were simply called Schaferhund, which roughly translates to “sheep dog” in German; and later Deutscher Schaferhund, which translates to “German sheep dog”. In France they are known by the name Berger […]

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German Shepherd – a Different View

by SkyWideDesign The German Shepherd is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. German Shepherd is a kind of breed that caused different oppinion among different peple. While some see it fierce and threatening, some others, especially who had a German Shepherd look at it much more tenderedly. The German Shepherd […]

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How come the GSD has the word Dog in its name?

by Andreu Molina Question by sjdfdj: How come the GSD has the word Dog in its name? Are there like German Shepherds in the world that have nothing to do with the dog breed? Best answer: Answer by Sandra RNo idea. Been asking that question for decades. I guess it was one of those things […]

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Reasons to Choose German Shepherd Puppies

People often think that choosing a german shepherd puppy is a bit difficult task. Yes certainly it is not so easy if you do not know how to pick them. There are so many reasons to choose this breed. Let’s discuss them one by one. Very firstly your GSD must be of great personality. You […]

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The Noble German Shepherd

In todays news there is so much bad publicity when it comes to dogs, you wonder about how people are raising their animals. Recently though, there was a great story about a brave dog coming to the rescue of another. What kind of dog was it? A German Shepherd dog. Known for their superior traits […]

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The German Shepherd Dog

by: Jayne Shenstone Dogs called German Shepherds were first exhibited at shows in Germany towards the end of the nineteenth century but they were hardly Shepherds as we know them today being rough coated, short tailed and rather resembling mongrels. The German Shepherd Dog as we now know it didn’t really appear until after the […]

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