How to Take Care of Your Cat?

About the author: Linda Butts Hey, I’m Linda Butts, the girl behind Pawsome Talk. With my, I hope to share the ideas and techniques from my personal experiences of what I have done with my pet research and what I love about pets and their lives. I expect to help you feel at ease […]

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Dog Grooming – Brushing and Bathing

Dog grooming is the basis for preventive health care for your dog and puppy. It gives you a chance to see small changes in and on your dog’s body that could lead to health concerns such as a lump or problems in his ears or with his teeth. Dog grooming can be a time of […]

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Grooming Your Poodle

by Pictr73 The Poodle Dog is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. By now most of you know that in caring for such a sassy companion as a Poodle comes the responsibility of dedicated dog grooming habits. In terms of style, instead of seeing this need of theirs as a […]

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How To Get Boston Terrier Grooming Right

Whenever you have a dog in your home and in your family, you are going to want to make sure that it is properly taken care of in all senses of the word. This means that you will take it to the vet on a regular basis, you will provide it with the right amount […]

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Boston Terrier Video: ♥HANK The Boston Terrier Grooming Day! | Nicole Collet

* Today watch me groom my 7 year old dog/son Hank. Boston Terriers need frequent grooming due to their large eyes and open ears. ♥HANK The Boston Terrier Grooming Day! | Nicole Collet Boston Terrier Most popular Boston Terrier Amazon products: Sock It To Me Boston Terrier Mens Crew Socks Men’s shoe 7-13This is a […]

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Sheltie Video: Sheltie basic home grooming

* The basic grooming for our shelties homemade 🙂 Eva is laying in the table because is the only way that she let me groom her 🙂 I’ve being combing her like that since she was a puppy. Its not the better way, but it works for us! If your dog can be up and […]

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Siberian Husky Coat Care Grooming Kit FREE BONUS

Siberian Husky Coat Care Grooming Kit FREE BONUS @ Now caring for your dog’s beautiful coat is easier than ever! We have bundled our best selling items for Siberian Husky owners in one simple package! Each item is hand picked by an award Winning Certified Master Groomer, perfect for your BREED! Here’s what you will […]

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Miniature Schnauzer Video: Grooming Guide – Miniature Schnauzer Pet Trim – Pro Groomer

How to groom a Miniature Schnauzer. Sara Hussein, takes you though grooming a Miniature Schnauzer step-by-step. Sponsored by Wahl Clipper. She is using the new ultra-quiet and very light Wahl KM10 clipper. See more Grooming Guides here: Video Rating: / 5 –> Click Here to Learn How Easy it is to Groom Your Dog […]

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Pomeranian Coat Care Grooming Kit FREE BONUS

[wpramazon asin=”B002DN07VE” keyword=”Pomeranian”] Pomeranian Happy Smiling Dog Breed – Black Decal for 13″ MacbookEasy to apply vinyl decal for your Macbook! Made from the highest quality material, these decals are able to be removed without d… Black Pomeranian on Gray Ultra Lightweight Cotton Crew Socks – Made in USAWheel House Designs has been designing socks […]

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Shih Tzu Video: Grooming – How To Bathe Your Shih Tzu

Kaede, Mr. Foo’s “A Gift From The Heart” gets a bath! Get your pet a water bottle stand to keep their face dry! Click Here to Learn How Easy it is to Groom Your Dog at Home! Most popular Shih Tzu Amazon products: The Shih Tzu: A vet’s guide on how to care for your […]

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