Great Dane


Most Asked Questions about Your Cat and Dog

What vegetables can I feed my dog? Dogs can digest most vegetables. Many veterinary surgeons agree that so long as a dog has plenty of exercises he can eat potatoes without deleterious effects being discernible. Yet we must again emphasize that dogs are mixed feeders, and too much concentration on any particular food is not […]

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How to Improve Your Dog’s Heart Health

Your dog’s heart is the most important organ in its body, responsible for pumping blood and feeding its organs, tissues, and muscles with fresh oxygen. This is why it’s essential for you to ensure that your dog has a healthy heart. There are numerous diseases and illnesses that can lead to an unhealthy heart in […]

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Cute but Costly? 10 Most Expensive Dogs to Insure.

Love your pooch, but wonder how costly it is to insure his or her health? You’re not alone. Using their pet insurance comparison research, ValuePenguin reports on the top ten most expensive canine companions to insure. These furry children can range from 12 inches all the way to 32 inches, and can weigh anywhere from 45 lbs […]

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7 Things to Think About When Shopping for Dog Beds

Most dog owners are used to these lovable creatures curling up snugly or stretching out nonchalantly for a well deserved nap. It usually happens right after an energetic game of catch, or shortly after the dinner bell has rung. It’s “their” time – time for them to retreat to their own space and sleep to […]

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Dog Breeds – The Great Dane

by trpnblies7 The Great Dane dog is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Everybody knows that Great Danes are one of our largest dog breeds. Not only do they have a lot of height, but they have a lot of love to give too and they are very devoted to […]

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Great Dane Slide

Creature Comforts Pet Resort. This is a Basenji puppy using Great Dane as a bed. 1437 Pontiac Rd Angola, NY 14006 716-549-1761 Video Rating: 4 / 5 [wprebay kw=”dog+bed” num=”28″ ebcat=”-1″]

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Checking The “Professional” Material in Your Great Dane

  Have you ever wondered if your pet Great Dane deserves to be in show? Or do you have plans of getting your Great Dane puppy to be in shows later on? If you need hints on these concerns, then read on. Compare and contrast the traits of your own dog against the following to […]

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Dog Breed Trivia Questions

How well do you know your dog breeds? Below you’ll find some trivia questions about various dog breeds. I have also included some facts that you may find of interest.Enjoy! A black tongue is characteristic of which breed of dog? The Chow Chow Chow Chows were initially bred in Mongolia and then brought to China. […]

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A Large Dog Bed For Your Large Breed Dog

If you own of a large breed of dog, for example a German shepherd, a Doberman or even a Great Dane it is important that you provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep. Large breeds of dogs require large dog beds in order to rest comfortably. There should be adequate room in the […]

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Dog Food Aggression Case Study

One year old Great Dane named Biscuit was adopted by the Scott family because the dog’s previous owners are due to relocate. Two Golden Retrievers are to share their home with Biscuit at the Scott’s house. At his previous owner, Cisco displayed no problems with any type of aggression; however, recent aggressive behavior involving food […]

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