Can Someone Help Me Find A Dog Training Facility With A Good Price?

A Reader Asks… Possibly somewhere in New York or around New York like New Jersey or Conneticut or something. I’m looking for one of those training facilities that has boarding for your dog and, of course, a training program. (Example: k9one) I’ve already looked at k9one, but I was hoping some could give me a […]

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What Are Some Good Dog Training Books Or Dvd?

A Reader Asks… I currently have my 5 month old in puppy class. I was going to go through all 4 classes at Petsmart, but now I’m thinking I could save about $300.00 and teach my dog the same things (and probably more), if I invest in a good book or DVD. Any suggestions? I’d […]

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What Is The Cheapest But Good Dog Training Company?

A Reader Asks… Im 13 and I tried to potty train my dog but he peed where I wanted him to pee for only 1 week now hes starting to pee everywhere again. I need a trainer that is good at potty training dogs.

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Find Your Dog a Good Home with the Help of Reverse Phone Lookup

It can be very traumatic to be faced with the prospect of giving away your beloved dog. Of course, nobody adopts a pet with the intention of giving it away. But sometimes our life changes course unexpectedly and we are forced to find our dog a new, loving home. Maybe you have to give away […]

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Vet Care: How To Take Good Care Of Your Dog Without Going Broke

Having a pet can be quite expensive especially if you live in the metropolis. Dog food, grooming supplies and vet care cost a good deal of money. Dogs make lovely pets but they also need vet care more often compared to cats. Since your dog’s health is very important, you need to make sure that […]

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Who Else Wants A Good Dog?

Everyone wishes for a well behaved pet dog that wouldn’t chew on their favorite shoes, or leave half-eaten newspapers on the lawn. We all long to find our own version of Lassie, but it’s difficult when we don’t know where to start. Training your mutt to be a Class A citizen is close to impossible […]

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Do German Shepherd Dogs Make Good Pets?

You need to know as much information as you can about any breed of dog before you adopt one. And, since the German Shepherd is a lot of dog, you need to know a lot of German Shepherd information before adopting or purchasing one! Not all dogs are alike. If you’ve never lived with a large dog or a very active dog before, then you are going to be in for a surprise with a German Shepherd. Hopefully, this will be a welcome surprise.

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