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How to Crate Train Your Dog the Right Way

While there are many people who do not fully understand the importance of crate training, more and more people are truly starting to catch on. You shouldn’t try to crate train your dog unless you’ve given the process a lot of thought. Without knowing all of the facts, a person could really just wasting their […]

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Bird Dog Training

Dog Training Commands A good command to teach first is to “Come”. Next you can teach them to “Heel”. Training them to be a bird dog will bring out the best in your dog if you are willing to work consistently with them. There are some breeds that have a natural lineage, giving them the […]

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Furreal Friends Biscuit – Fake Dog, But Real Fun

Furreal Friends Biscuit is a toy dog that you might want to consider bringing into your home. After all, he doesn’t make messes, doesn’t need to be brushed or bathed, and, if he gets too yappy, you can turn him off with the flip of a switch. Biscuit is starting to sound like the perfect […]

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A Dog in One Pack- Jack Russell Terrier

A Dog in One Pack- Jack Russell Terrier We basically want to find companions who would give us most of the benefits we think we need. Well, if you are looking for a dog breed that is somewhat a one-in-package pal, you might find Jack Russell Terriers interesting enough. This dog has a history that […]

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Dog Training Commands

Popular Commands for Dog Training One of the first commands to teach your dog is to “Come”. Then you can teach your dog to “Heel” upon command. We are often awed at watching fine bird dogs in movies and in action. These finely trained bird dogs never fail to heed their owners’ commands. Then we […]

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Does Your Barking Dog Drive You Mad?

For some people it is an offence to have a barking dog around them, they think that dogs should be seen and not heard. This is slightly unfair given that the bark is a dog’s voice and like yourself it uses it to communicate. Of course barking is your dog's way of talking and many […]

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Dog Intelligence and Abstract Reasoning

Imagine this: You work in a warehouse. You see a worker with his arms full of boxes enter a room. The lights in the room are not on, so the worker uses his elbow to flip the light switch on. If you were to later enter the same dark room (without carrying anything), you would […]

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