Dog Food Recipes From’s New Website

Albany, TX (PRWEB) October 27, 2009 Natural Dog Food Recipes ( goes above just picking a label that states that it is “Organic”. More and more people are eating natural and organic foods today to help stay healthy, why should this exclude our dogs. Dog owners consider their beloved four legged friends one of […]

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From Wolf Collars to Nfl Dog Collars

Given that dogs were domesticated some 12,000 years ago, it would be fair to say that they have been man’s companion and friend for a very long time now. Still, these canine friends cannot talk; they are but animals, and very smart and loving animals at that. As such, it has been the […]

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“Guaranteed Tough” Dog Toys – Made from Zogoflex

Does anyone know a dog that doesn’t chew? Have you ever returned home to find your new shoes with doggy damage or your favorite book ripped to shreds? How about a DVD with teeth marks in it? Dogs get bored and puppies need to teethe. Dogs, like babies, like to “taste” their world, so chewing […]

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Buying the right products from online pet supplies

Buying pet products through online pet supplies provides the benefits of variety, convenience and pricing. Online pet shops also provide the benefit of shipping the product directly to your door. But, when you buy pet products from online pet supplies, it is very important to buy quality pet products. You can buy a variety of […]

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Are There Any Good Websites Or Hints From You Folks On Dog Training?

A reader asked.. We’ve recently gotten a black lab from some friends. She is 1 1/2 years old and is trained OK in the basics (sit, kennel, go), but we would like to train her better. I haven’t had a dog in forever.

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Do The Dog Collars That Stop Dogs From Barking With Sound Realy Work?

A reader asked.. I want a dog collar that could stop my dog barking buy. There are these dog collars that are on eBay with a few dogs barking sound that only dogs can hear to stop. If you have any experience with these collars and know if they work or not please reply.

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Dog Training – Stop Your Dog From Pulling

Loose to walk to the leash. To stop to drag outside the dog. Not forgotten this video, comment and subscribe to my channel. ? ? moreover possible to use free mine ebook & quot; 101 ways in order to improve the Behav Dog& #39; s…

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Spiked Dog Collars – Dog Fashion From History

Indeed, dogs is man’s best friends. That can be the reason behind every dog owner’s desire to spice up the appearance of their dogs through unusual fashion. 
Through the years, dog collars have always been an important and fashionable accessory to dogs, regardless of their breeds. Function-wise, dog collars serve as the handle that links […]

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How Do I Keep My Dog Who Is Unable To A Lot Of Activity From Being Bored?

A Reader Asks… She is unable to do a lot of activity because of recent knee surgeries.

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