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I have bought 3 dog collars off ebay and want to know what size to order my dogs?

A reader asked.. I have no tape measure or ruler so i don’t know what to do. My dogs are a kelpie, cattle dog and a fox terrier. Please help! How can i measure without tape or a ruler? Or does anyone have these dogs and know the cm’s?

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How Can I Help My Dog (toy Fox Terrier, 6 Yrs Old) Adjust To A Second Dog (pomeranian, 6 Months Old)?

A Reader Asks… Our toy fox terrier (6 yrs old) is a little spoiled being the only dog, but we are going to add a new dog – Pomeranian (6 months old) to the family. I’m a little bit concerned about our fox terrier not adjusting well. What can I do to introduce them? Will […]

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Easy Steps To Fox Terrier Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your fox terrier and yourself. This is both rewarding and fun and will enrich your relationship with your new dog. Fox terrier obedience training is an ongoing process that occurs during specified training sessions and through the rest of your fox terrier’s […]

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