RT @philbowdle: @BrentMoxey when did they commence serving dog food at waffle home? // the Bert’s chili folks would not be pleased listening to that!

RT @philbowdle: @BrentMoxey when did they start serving canine foods at waffle residence? // the Bert’s chili individuals would not be joyful listening to that! – by BrentMoxey (BrentMoxey)

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Folks who just take a canine to dog training classes is your coach qualified?

Query by Mazzz ☼: People who take a puppy to dog training lessons is your coach competent? As anyone can run a dog training course – Do you know if your dog trainer is competent? Are they registered with the Affiliation of Pet Canine Trainers or related? The APDT, Uk are proud of the reality […]

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Are There Any Good Websites Or Hints From You Folks On Dog Training?

A reader asked.. We’ve recently gotten a black lab from some friends. She is 1 1/2 years old and is trained OK in the basics (sit, kennel, go), but we would like to train her better. I haven’t had a dog in forever.

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