Free Bacci Bogie book!

Free Bacci Bogie book!

Get this wonderful book !

First, read about 's adventures at the famous Doral Country Club.

Then, go to baccibogie. com, open the section called “ lessons”, take the quiz and fill out the contact form. Easy-peasy!

Hurry though, the number of free books is limited. You don't want to miss out.



Dancing at the Famous Doral Country Club

WOOF WOOF: Hello Hoomans I am Bacci Bogie, canine blogger extraordinaire. Today I’m bringing you a story about a business trip I took with my Mommy, Sandra. She wrote a book about my travel life “My Name Is Bacci Bogie Frequent Flyer Extraordinaire” and this is an excerpt from that book. DANCING AT THE FAMOUS […]

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Smithville couple rescues Boston terriers after move from Florida – The Smithville Herald

Smithville couple rescues Boston terriers after move from Florida – The Smithville Herald The Smithville HeraldSmithville couple rescues Boston terriers after move from FloridaThe Smithville HeraldOnce she found her canine companion, a rescue dog named Rosebud, she learned that there was an organization that raises awareness and money specifically for Boston terrier rescue efforts, the […]

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Florida boy ‘fighting for his life’ after Rottweiler-mix attack

PORT RICHEY — A 4-year-old boy was being treated for a serious neck injury at St. Joseph’s Hospital on Monday after being bitten by a Rottweiler mix Sunday afternoon. Jasper Debow Richman was bitten around 4 p.m. Sunday by the dog, a Rottweiler mix, at 9136 Suffolk Lane, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said. St. […]

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Q&A: Does anyone know where I can purchase a Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie” in Florida?

by BreesyBreizh Question by bunny: Does anyone know where I can purchase a Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie” in Florida? Honestly I don’t care about the bloodline or anything like that because I don’t want one for show. I was hoping to possibly find one for under $ 400 because of my budget. I wouldn’t even mind […]

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REPUTABLE golden retriever breeders in florida?

Question by : REPUTABLE golden retriever breeders in florida? We are looking for one, but just can’t seem to find any that are actually reputable (and we want pure bred, so no shelters). Thanks! Best answer: Answer by CHAO§: BB got her First PointHave you tried these site? http://www.evergladesgrc.org/puppy.htm http://fgcgrc.org/index.asp?ID=11 http://www.mfgrc.org/mfgrc-puppy-referal.html Those are the three […]

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Beneva Dental in Sarasota, Florida Keeps Patients Relaxed with Dental Therapy Dogs

SARASOTA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Dr. Baltasar Jimenez loves his three dogs so much that he brings them with him to his office each day. After his dogs began joining him in the office, Dr. Jimenez quickly became aware of the relaxing effect that his dogs had on his most anxious patients. They now have a new […]

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Dog bite cases cost owners millions

Today’s tip: Dog bites can be a big problem, especially if you don’t want a lawsuit on your hands! Click the link to learn what you can do about it.  TAMPA – You’d like to think it would never happen to your dog. But dog attacks on humans happen more often than you think. Hundreds […]

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3-Month-Old Puppy Found Under Car Hood

Jul 8, 2013 2:18pm A stray Florida puppy that was rescued by local firefighters after being trapped under the hood of a fast-moving car for about 5 miles is still suffering from injuries, and will be taken by an animal-rescue group. The 3-month-old dog was found stuck between the steering mechanism and the axle July […]

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Children posing with Dan the puppy: Tallahassee, Florida

Kids posing with Dan the pet dog: Tallahassee, Florida Image by State Library and Archives of Florida Nearby get in touch with amount: N046228 Title: Children posing with Dan the dog: Tallahassee, Florida Date: ca. 1915. Bodily descrip: Sequence Title: (Basic collection.) General Note: Left to Proper: Frances Bond, Henry Bond, John Bond and Margaret […]

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