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Dog Training Tricks – How to Get Your Dog to “Come” Every Time You Call

You are trying to tell your dog to come here. It ignores you. You try again getting a bit more frustrated. No matter how much you shout at your dog it does not seem to react. There are simple dog training tricks that can make this work so that your dog will come to […]

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Wake Up And Smell The Parvo!

There is one common thread that unites many of the 850+ customers we’ve worked with during the past two years, and this is it: people don’t seem to appreciate just how aggressive and fast-acting the Parvo virus is. You can go to bed one night, with a perfectly healthy-looking, happy dog, and wake up in […]

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Find Out Tips To Puppy Potty Training

Getting a new puppy is very exciting. It doesn’t take long, however, to realize that a new puppy takes more patience than you may have thought.  Potty training a puppy, including teaching him to go outside requires a lot of effort on your part. The biggest question new owners ask all the time is how […]

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Housetraining Tips and Advice

No training is more basic for pet owners than that first important lesson: Do it outside! Teaching your new puppy to eliminate outside the home, not in it, can start between six and eight weeks of age. Dogs as young as four weeks have been started with potty training, but at that age few have […]

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