PINK – SMALL – Fashionable, Warm Camo Fleece Hoodies

PINK – SMALL – Fashionable, Warm Camo Fleece Hoodies Fashion Meets Warmth for the Great Outdoors Right down to the integrated pocket, ribbed sleeves and matching waistband, our Casual Canine Camo Hoodies are authentic winter wear and a unique statement of individual pet style. Fashioned in an easy-care poly-cotton blend, each has soft fleece inside […]

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Making Your Pooch Fashionable With A Rhinestone Dog Collar

In the past, chic pet accessories such as the rhinestone dog collar were so hot, however some people thought they were too gaudy for animals and thus their popularity declined. However, with the renaissance of flash and bling, rhinestone dog collars are becoming a hot item once more. People are now recognizing that their pooches […]

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