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Is the American Bulldog the Right Dog For Your Household?

by marcia-oc The Rottweiler is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Every dog lover and dog owner has breeds they are partial to. Perhaps your family pet as a child was a Rottweiler or your neighbors had an amazing Schnauzer when you were growing up. Whatever the reason, dog people […]

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Golden Meadows Retrievers Presents New Puppies for the New Year

Moorpark, California (PRWEB) December 31, 2013 New puppies continue to arrive at Golden Meadows Retrievers so anyone interested in starting the new year with one or more trained golden retriever puppies need look no further than this reputable breeding program. “Our golden retriever puppies are ready to join any family today, whether one is in […]

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Watch: Family Pet Deemed 'Miracle Dog' in Perham, MN.

Home > Video > U.S. Family Pet Deemed ‘Miracle Dog’ in Perham, MN. Family Pet Deemed ‘Miracle Dog’ in Perham, MN. One dog’s misfortune brings family closer together after being hit by car. Transgender Youth Accepts Courage Award at New York Gala Transgender Youth Accepts Courage Award at New York Gala Jazz, 11, spoke in […]

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How to Train a Beagle – Different Approaches

A popular dog breed for a family pet is a Beagle as they are bright, keen to please their owners and have a very affectionate nature. Beagles are medium sized and this is a consideration when choosing a family pet. Beagles have a well developed sense of smell which is why they were originally bred […]

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The Peter Pan of Boxer Puppy Care

Boxers have a very long puppyhood and are most frequently called, the “Peter Pan” of the dog world. They are not considered fully mature until they are two to three years old. Therefore, Boxer puppy care is extremely important.  This is one of the longest puppyhoods in the dog kingdom. They need a lot of […]

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The Basics of Labrador Puppy Training

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States today, primarily because their friendly disposition makes them an excellent choice as a family pet. This dog was originally bred in Newfoundland, Canada, and was used by fisherman to jump into icy waters and pull up nets. These dogs turned […]

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Why Own A Dog Cage

Many dog owners choose to let their animals romp freely through the house while others choose to place their pets in a cage during certain times. This is done as a training or control measurement instead of tying or putting the dog outside for hours, leaving them to bark uncontrollably and annoying everyone. There are […]

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Saint Bernard Puppy Training Takes Patience

Saint Bernard puppy training will take a lot of patience from its new family. Although cute and cuddly with a large tongue and lots of fur, this pup has a very fast growth rate. He will be a bear of a puppy in no time at all. The Saint Bernard’s fast growth is a trait […]

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Easy Tips For Taking Family Pet On Vacation With The Rest Of Family

Many people enjoy taking their dog along for trips. While people often desire to take a vaction with their dog they may not have what they need to make it enjoyable. Some places will have strict regulation about traveling with dogs. Luckily there is a wide array of dog carriers and totes you can purchase […]

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Pets suffering from faltering economy

Having a pet in the house is diffrent now then it was just a few years ago.Gone are the high profile people of the world walking in a LA pet shop and dropping $3000 on a teacup puppy. Do something like that now and suffer the ire of PETA. Even our new president is being […]

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