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Top Apps For Dog-Loving Families Traveling With A Fur-Child

Does your family dog always come along on summer vacations? Do you ever want to take Fido to a dog park when you are on holidays but don’t have the faintest clue as to how to find a safe dog park? Thanks to an ever-increasing number of dog park apps, you can now find a […]

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Owner of stolen Yorkie makes plea to get dog back

A teacup Yorkie was snatched by a passerby in front of the owner’s Staten Island home and the owner wants her beloved pup back. “I don’t care why you took him. Just bring him back,” a distraught Angela Pennachio told the Post. The 11-year-old pooch, Rusty went missing after Angela returned to her New Dorp […]

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Family Dog (American Kennel Club) magazine November/December 2011

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Dog Behavior Training – Choosing a Good Family Dog

There comes a time in most home families when the children get a bit older and their dog or teddy is no longer the best thing in the world to play with, every new friend or existing friend your children make seems to have a cute little dog, and its only a matter of time […]

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Pet Care Professional

It’s no surprise that ours is a nation of dog lovers needing services, with people seeking Ann Arbor dog grooming and Ann Arbor dog boarding and  just as do those in Miami, New York, and everywhere in-between.  Dog grooming usually brings to mind images of snooty poodles and people who spend the bulk of their […]

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The Basics of Labrador Puppy Training

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States today, primarily because their friendly disposition makes them an excellent choice as a family pet. This dog was originally bred in Newfoundland, Canada, and was used by fisherman to jump into icy waters and pull up nets. These dogs turned […]

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The Noble German Shepherd

In todays news there is so much bad publicity when it comes to dogs, you wonder about how people are raising their animals. Recently though, there was a great story about a brave dog coming to the rescue of another. What kind of dog was it? A German Shepherd dog. Known for their superior traits […]

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My Guidelines For Selecting a Quality Dog Crate For Your Family Dog

It often takes a dog a while to adjust to a new home. A new dog may have an easier time transitioning if you use a dog crate. Crates help because they give your dog a safe place to go when everything around them is new. They also make house training your dog much easier. […]

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Training Your Family and Your Dog

So you’re getting (or have gotten) a new family member!  With a new dog comes new responsibilities. It is going to be up to you and the other members of your family to train, or perhaps teach is a better word, your dog the rules and regulations. You’re going to want him to learn specific commands and to […]

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Tricks to Use to Stop Dog Chasing

There are many different problems that dog owners have to address with their dogs.  Some of these involve barking problems, digging problems and even jumping up on people.  The best way to solve these issues is to prevent them before they start, training puppies to be obedient and live up to expectations through consistent reinforcement […]

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