Beagle Paws raising money for facility

An St. John’s-based organization dedicated to rescuing beagles is raising money to build its own adoption and education centre.  “We are confident we can reach our goal of $ 750,000 and provide a safe and loving place for beagles to stay while they are awaiting their forever homes,” Sheila Lewis, president and founder of Beagle […]

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How to Choose the Best Dog Boarding Facility

Going on a vacation is meant to be a joyful experience, exploring a new area, spending time with loved ones, getting away from the daily hassles of work and whatever comes along with it. Most vacations are spent this way, but if you have a pet and decide to board them at a facility that […]

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Finding Quality Dog Grooming and Dog Boarding

When it comes to dog boarding, it’s important to remember that you can find quality care, whether it’s Ann Arbor dog boarding or Albuquerque. It’s probably easy to find Ann Arbor dog grooming, but have you considered how difficult it is to find good dog boarding in YOUR town? Do your due diligence prior to […]

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Can Someone Help Me Find A Dog Training Facility With A Good Price?

A Reader Asks… Possibly somewhere in New York or around New York like New Jersey or Conneticut or something. I’m looking for one of those training facilities that has boarding for your dog and, of course, a training program. (Example: k9one) I’ve already looked at k9one, but I was hoping some could give me a […]

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Dog Boarding: Tips For Choosing The Right Facility For Your Dog

If you plan on taking a vacation and you have a dog it is important to find a dog boarding facility for your dog.  There are many ways to look for the proper facility for your dog to ensure it is happy while you are away and they take proper care of your animal.  Some […]

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