Q&A: What are your experiences with a patio panel dog door?

Question by revilo: What are your experiences with a patio panel dog door? I have a 95 pound Bouvier. I am thinking of installing a patio door panel style dog door. How easy, difficult is it to install? Effect on energy consumption. Ease of training and or use for pet. any comments, etc are welcome. […]

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I Am Thinking About Doing A Little Dog Training. What Can Anyone Tell Me About Their Experiences?

A reader asked.. I have trained my own dogs for hunt tests, which are similar to field trials. Anyway, I have been thinking about placing some ads to see if I can get a few customers for basic obedience. At this time I have not attended any formal training other than some videos and group […]

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Can You Tell Me Some Positive Experiences You Have Had With Electronic Dog Training Collars?

A Reader Asks… I know many people don’t like the idea of using electronic shock training collars. But I also know most people don’t know how to train their dogs properly which results in dogs biting people, running away and getting hit by cars. Tell me some positive stories.

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How To Training Your Puppy

In the good old days, puppy training began only after one’s pet had reached six months of age and it was also not uncommon for trainers to suggest that the training not begin before the pet had reached one year of age. Now-a-days, people that bring home a puppy will get started with training them […]

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Best Dog Breed – What I Recommend To My Friends

To recommend a good dog breed to someone, you need to know two things: 1. You must have an in-depth and personal experience with many different breeds. And more specifically, you must have multiple experiences with each breed. When you’ve been training dogs professionally for about 10 years, you’ve seen pretty much everything cross your […]

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