The 'come dog' training command

When you set out to teach your pet to come, there are a few secrets, tips and tricks that I'll share with you, to get fast success! I have adapted these free techniques from the outstanding ‘Secrets to Dog Training‘ by Daniel Stephens. Read more here, by checking the product out now. “Come dog” Firstly, […]

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How To Keep Your Dog Free From Boredom

Ever get home after a long day at work to find your dog has been digging in your favorite flowerbed or chewed up the sofa? This may well be a scenario that you have faced or wish to avoid in the future. This type of destructive behavior is most commonly caused by separation anxiety, after […]

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How to Prevent Dog Biting

If your dog is less than 16 weeks old and nips and bites non-stop, this is normal behavior – young dogs mouth a lot. Puppies mouth while playing and they mouth when communicating their wants. If your dog begins mouthing, he may be hungry or thirsty. Ask yourself: Does he need to remove waste? Is […]

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What to do For a Dog With Separation Anxiety

Just like people, dogs have separation anxiety. As for what causes it, there are many. As a result, the dog and the owner can have quite the difficult experience. Overcoming the separation anxiety can be work, but it pays off for both the dog and the owner in the end because it is healthier and […]

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Stop Dog Barking

Dear Mr. Katz, I have a two year-old female Boxer named Amber and a six year-old female St. Bernard named Crystal. My question is regarding the Boxer, Amber. Whenever my husband and I sit down to eat dinner, watch TV, or when company comes over, she incessantly barks at us. She doesn’t want to play […]

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Labrador Retriever Dog: A Popular Family Pet

For those of you who are thinking about keeping a pet dog, it would be a good idea for you to consider keeping a Labrador retriever dog for a pet. The popularity of this breed is on the rise and there are several good reasons for this including this breed’s very friendly nature. Besides his […]

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Understanding About Poodle Care

Of all the breeds of dog that are out there, the Poodle is definitely a fan favorite. People should be aware of a few things before deciding to go with this breed of dog however, especially since Poodles are so high maintenance and require a lot of care and attention.

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Yellow Labradors and Exercise

This question came up awhile ago (I’m behind). The quick answer is “pretty much the same kind of exercise any Labrador Retriever should get.” The long answer is… About Yellow Labs Yellow Labradors may range in colour from fox-red to light cream; generally have black pigment on the nose, lips and eye rims; and the […]

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