English Springer Spaniel


How to Love Your Dirty Dog in Spite of Himself

“Suburbanite inhabiting an immaculate, perfectly decorated home, behind the wheel of an elaborately detailed luxury car; suddenly finds grime, fur and drool everywhere – entirely shifts lifestyle and falls in love with all of it.” Does this ring a bell with you? You’re definitely not alone! So how did you wind up with your dog? […]

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Walking the Dogs

Every once in awhile you run across a website that is just a good, fun read. “Walking the Dogs” is just such a site (it can be found at www.walkingthedogs.co.uk). It’s a simple concept, but brilliant in it’s own way. The author, Mike, tells us about his adventures walking his dog in different areas in and […]

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Dog Takes Accidental Trip to Ireland After Airline’s Slip-Up

A dog meant to meet his family in Phoenix, Ariz., ended up on a plane to Ireland after he was mistakenly put on the wrong flight from a New Jersey airport. Edith Lombardo-Albach of Staten Island, N.Y., told ABCNews.com that her six-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Hendrix was scheduled to arrive in Phoenix Sky Harbor […]

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Guide To Proper Puppy Growth

A puppy’s growth rate depends on what type of dog breed you have. You will find different puppy weight estimates with each breed. To find out how much your dog should be growing by the year or month you should check out information about your breed of dog. You can use the Internet as a […]

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Dog Intelligence Rankings (Obedience)

Recently we were having a family conversation about which dog breeds were most intelligent. I recalled watching a documentary a few years ago in which dogs were tested using a very simple deductive reasoning test – a large towel was placed over the dog’s head, and the number of seconds it took for the dog […]

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