Pembroke Welsh Corgi Video: Pembroke Welsh Corgi eating corn

* This is Jack, a.k.a. The Jack Hammer. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi eating corn Pembroke Welsh Corgi * Pembroke Welsh corgi The Dog From cowboy Bebop: EIN Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fetching Candy Pembroke Welsh Corgi Amazon products you should keep an eye on: 3dRose dc_206825_1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Standing in […]

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Getting An Older Dog To Start Eating Right

by Novemberdelta The Rottweiler is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. My fifteen-year old shepherd/rottweiler mix has begun exhibiting telltale signs of old age. Even though she was a very enthusiastic eater who lived on a raw food diet for over ten years, since then, her appetite has decreased significantly. […]

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Boxer Puppy is EATING EVERYTHING, can you HELP???

This post is brought to you by Dc Pups. Question by Jewel: Boxer Puppy is EATING EVERYTHING, can you HELP??? My 4 1/2 mo old Boxer puppy “Bella” is eating paper, toilet paper, and anything in the garbage cans that are low to the floor. She also eats my hubby’s wallet, credit cards, and tears […]

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Why Americans Are Eating Fewer Hot Dogs

Americans spent $ 1.7 billion on hot dogs last year—and that’s just at supermarkets; it doesn’t count wieners purchased at restaurants and sports facilities or from street vendors. And no day is better for hot dog consumption than the Fourth of July, when Americans are expected to eat about 150 million of them—enough to stretch from Washington, […]

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Dogs ill after eating cannabis

by cogdogblog 8 January 2013 Last updated at 10:17 ET Four dogs have suffered “toxic poisoning” after eating cannabis during walks with their owners near a Greater Manchester reservoir. Neil Rogers said his dog fell ill after eating something on a path near Dove Stone Reservoir, Saddleworth. “Patch was just totally out of it,” Mr […]

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Q&A: what are common illnesses that would cause my dog to stop eating?

Question by Alicia M: what are common illnesses that would cause my dog to stop eating? He is slower than usual today, and eating less. His stomach looks kind of big and bloated compared to usual. I feel funny taking him to the vet if he just has gas or is constipated, but not sure […]

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Ellen Found Funny Dog Videos!

Dogs are a humans best friend, and in these two videos, they know how to keep everyone entertained!

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@lucytraaan are u eating dog food??!

@lucytraaan are u eating dog food??! – by pt_pie (☂ )

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