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Why Is My Dog Struggling to Eat Dry Food?

Has your dog stopped eating his dry food suddenly? Or have you tried changing up his diet by adding dry kibble, and your dog won’t eat it? It can happen that your fur baby may just stop eating a certain food, or if changes are made to his food, he may not like it. There […]

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10 Reasons Dog Won't Eat

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Eat (Infographic)

When seeing that our dog won’t eat, it inevitably makes us anxious and concerned. But not all cases of loss of appetite are alarming. So, before jumping to conclusions or starting to panic, run through the checklist below. Sometimes it can be your dog’s natural reaction to have over-eaten in the last couple days, or […]

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Misting Dog Leash

Misting Dog Leash Misting Dog Leash. Retain your pup neat and refreshed on hot times with our Misting Dog Leash! This unique leash makes it possible for you create an ultra good misting spray that silently calme your pet…how cool is that?! Functions: – Refillable ten oz. watter bottle – Drinking water bottle can ambigu […]

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