Stopping Dog On Dog Aggression

There are lots of reasons dogs can become aggressive. Dogs are instinctively aggressive. Dogs evolved with a need to be aggressive. In order to feed and protect their families, aggression was a necessary survival trait. Despite thousand of years of domestication, dogs retain the aggression instinct, and if a dog becomes overly aggressive you will […]

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Tips on Training Aggressive Dogs

Dogs are naturally aggressive. This trait of dogs developed over many centuries ensuring their survival in the wild. Selective breeding and domestication processes have minimised and refined dog aggression. Some tips to help you to understand your dogs aggressive behaviour are below. Why is my dog aggressive? Factors such as lack of exposure to other […]

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Important Facts About Stopping A Biting Dog

If you would like to find out more about what you can do if you have a dog who bites, then this guide will give you everything you need. Specifically, we are going to talk about why dogs bite, how to discourage a puppy from learning the bad habit of biting, and what to do […]

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The Idiot’s Guide To Stopping Your Dog From Jumping On You

If you are interested in learning how to stop a dog jumping, then you should read this article. Specially we are going to talk about why your dog jumps up at you, tips on helping you to correct this behavior, and a simple step-by-step system you can use to fix this problem for good. Firstly, […]

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Types of Dog Aggression Behaviors

Anually , while only a small percentage of people are bitten by dogs, there are a lot of unacceptable other types of aggressive dog behavior. Rarely, violent behavior can be obvious symptoms of aggression, but its more reactive for other kinds of dangerous behavior. Whether you observe their behavior as a more passive-aggressive or just […]

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Your Dog’s Body Language

Dogs use their bodies and paws to express a variety of different things. Below are some examples and what they mean. Dog crouches with front legs extended, rear up, and head near the ground: This is the classic play-bow and means simply “I want to play!” Stiff-legged, upright posture or slow, stiff-legged movement forward: “I […]

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Dog Aggression Training

Aggression in a dog is something, which an owner should not tolerate and should be dealt with as soon as the problem arises.  However, in order for an owner to find the right kind of dog aggression training they should be using to control this problem they need to understand the kinds of aggression that […]

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Linking Your Dog’s Habits to Its Ancestors

There are many things a dog cannot resist doing. If he is planning on biting someone, he has to focus on his target, and he has to bare his teeth. If he is going to protect himself, he will tuck his ears back and his tail in a downward position and turn aside. During the […]

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Introduction to Dog Dominance Behavior

Does your dog “dominate” you? Does it seem like your pooch is in charge, and you’re the “gopher”? (If an alien visiting from another galaxy observed you and your dog, would he [the alien] assume dogs were the rulers of this planet? In this entertaining article, Rena Murphy provides insights into Dog Dominance Behavior. People […]

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