Pembroke Welsh Corgi Video: Ms. Lina (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) doing Agility

* Ms. Lina (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) finishing her Master Standard Preferred title in Portland, Oregon. Ms. Lina (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) doing Agility Pembroke Welsh Corgi * Щенок вельш корги пемброк 3 месяца впервые без поводка. Первые прогулки без поводка. Ставь лайк и подписывайся на канал, чтобы следить за жизнью с корги! Подписывайтесь на инстаграмм: […]

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Shih Tzu Video: Shih Tzu Doing Dog Tricks!

Sadie is a 3 yr old Shih Tzu, she has very long eye lashes and can do various tricks like sit, speak, turn, roll, play dead, stay, high five, shake and kisses on command. Shih Tzu’s are very fun and smart dogs, they train easy, need lots of attention and very high maintainence. Just thought […]

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Q&A: When doing a german shepherd start changing color ?

by sadiehart Question by Carlos: When doing a german shepherd start changing color ? Plz give a exact week or monh and my german shepherd puppy is black and a little take on his leg and chest Best answer: Answer by Dark Baronmight want to reword the question and not put it in the languages […]

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Dogs doing tricks return at halftime of Warriors vs. Nuggets

The only thing better than NBA playoff basketball? Dogs doing crazy things. Remember when those awesome trained circus dogs did the halftime show during the game between the Thunder and the Rockets last week? Well they are back. I love the NBA playoffs, but even as one of the world’s biggest basketball fans, I’d probably […]

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Article: Dog Nail Clippers and Files – Tips on Doing It Yourself

Dog nail clippers and nail files are a very important part of grooming your pet. Nail grooming is essential to the health of your pet. Take some time to learn the important aspects pet nail health and then make it a part of you and your pets routine. Using dog nail clippers and a file […]

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What will a dog rescue organisation look for when doing a home visit/check?

Question by : What will a dog rescue organisation look for when doing a home visit/check? We are hoping to rescue a puppy (lab x collie) from allsorts dog rescue and they are coming to do a house check first. I was just wondering what sorts of things they will be looking for. We have […]

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The FUNNIEST Dog Video EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Really Funny Dog Your Have to Watch! Monkey cleans the house while im at work!! Its a must see, its hilarious!! You will wish you had a dog like this!! The original and best dog on the net!!! Watch, enjoy, smile, comment!! Music track is

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I Am Thinking About Doing A Little Dog Training. What Can Anyone Tell Me About Their Experiences?

A reader asked.. I have trained my own dogs for hunt tests, which are similar to field trials. Anyway, I have been thinking about placing some ads to see if I can get a few customers for basic obedience. At this time I have not attended any formal training other than some videos and group […]

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