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Is Your Dog Chewing On Everything? Here’s How You Can Help Your Pooch Become Less Destructive

One in seven households owns a dog in New York City. While dogs can be good companions and are great stress relievers, some pets may cause problems for their owners once they start chewing on everything in sight. What can all these dog owners do if they find their beloved pooch constantly chewing their furniture? You […]

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Dog walking attitudes: Stoop to scoop the poop?

There are 8 million dogs in the UK, which adds up to a lot of daily walks and potential for a lot of dog faeces to be left behind. Most dog walkers are happy and even proud to bag and bin their dog’s waste, some might leave waste if they are off the beaten track […]

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City Room: A Dog Walker to Make You Feel Almost Like You Are There

Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content. Original story here. Dog – Yahoo! News Search Results This is based on a real story that I made up about a confusing moment when my friend thinks her dog died — but has her dog died? Watch and see Lana bring th…

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Dog Being Sought After Man Is Bitten At DeGarmo Park

Dog Being Sought After Man Is Bitten At DeGarmo Park Dog bites man on DeGarmo Soccer Field Read more on KNVN Chico-Redding Dog walker hurt after horse mistakes Christmas hat for holly bush A DOG walker was left in agony after a hungry horse mistook her Christmas pudding hat for a holly bush – and […]

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Scottish Terrier – a Dog with Character.

  The Scottish Terrier also known as the Scottie or the Highland or Aberdeen Terrier is well known for its classic terrier personality. There are four other Scottish Terrier breeds, West Highland White Terriers, Dandie Dinmont and Skye, Cairn. The traits and individuality and more importantly the dog care of the Scottie comes from its […]

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Top Ideas to Trim Dog Costs

Living through the credit crunch is difficult enough, but when you have pets which depend on you for nourishment, shelter and veterinary attention, anything that can be done, helps. It’s a shame that many pets are given up or abandoned every day, as dog owners fight to cope with the current economic climate. This is […]

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