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Photo: CO 1069-272-38

CO 1069-272-38 Image by The National Archives UK Description: Dog Train on Road to Dufferin, Winter. Location: Dufferin, Canada; United States of America Date: 1876 This image is part of the Colonial Office photographic collection held at The National Archives. Feel free to share it within the spirit of the Commons. Please use the comments […]

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Funny Dogs 2


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Dog Trick Training Tips : Myths About Dog Training Breeds

There many myths about what dog breeds can and cannot be taught dog tricks. Learn the truth about training different dog breeds with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free pet care vide. . .

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101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

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Dog Training – Easy Dog Tricks

There are plenty of dog tricks around to choose from but starting off with your first puppy or dog and knowing which dog tricks are easy can be a bit of a challenge. If you have a puppy then training them will be a lot easier than an older dog because of the habits dogs […]

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Easy Dog Tricks For Fun Training Sessions

One of the most fun things that you can do when you are training your dog is teach your dog how to do dog tricks. There are a great variety of dog tricks that your pooch can do, depending on its size and weight. There are some dog tricks that are more suitable for some […]

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‘Sit Up’ Buddy: Training Your Dog To Sit Like You

‘Sit Up’ Buddy: Training Your Dog To Sit Like You The trick of “sitting up” is easily taught to small dogs, but should try not be included in a big dog’s education, as it is difficult for them to preserve their balance. The training of sitting up is one of the first tricks to teach […]

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3 easy to teach dog tricks

3 easy to teach dog tricks To teach your dog tricks even easy ones you need to have some small reward treats, be in a quiet suitable place and keep the training sessions to 10 – 15 minutes or your dog will start to get board, remember when he gets something right lots of praise […]

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Fun Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

After your puppy has learned the basics of dog training, you can now turn your practice sessions into fun. For instance, put your puppy in a Sit-Stay position, back off a foot or two, show him a toy and throw it to him. Try to avoid going for a catch that requires a super hero […]

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