Dog Training Guide


Dog Training’s Most Important Step: Crate Training

A vital part of dog training is use of a crate, or kennel. It is most important to crate train puppies at a young age. Crate training satisfies a dogs need for a den-like enclosure. Dogs evolved from wolves, which have lived in packs and dens for hundreds of thousands of years. Having a crate […]

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Necessary to Dog Training: Positive Reinforcement

  Necessary To Dog Training: Positive Reinforcement Recent studies have shown that the commonly used method of negative reinforcement dog training is not only an effective in improving dog behavior, it can be harmful to both the dog and dog owner. Positive reinforcement not only promotes a well behaved, and less aggressive dog, it also […]

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The Best Dog Training Guide Ever?

It isn’t often that I discover something in the world of dog training that genuinely impresses me, but recently I ran across a dog training guide that’s plainly superior. Prior to telling you what it’s about, I just want you to be clear on what it is NOT. It’s NOT a dog training book that […]

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