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Daily Coaching With a Dog Training Collar

Tip of the Day!Our readers can get 5% off Dog Training Collars. Use code 3XCN89AS at checkout. Article by Scott Hollaway Whenever you invest in a dog, it can be advisable to craft a program that’s meant for dog education and understanding. It is possible to also pick tools that can allow you to like […]

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Dog Behavior Training – Dog Training To Correct Behavior Problems

Have you ever wished that the secrets of dog behavior training were available to anyone who wished to take their dog obedience training to a new level? The truth is that proper dog training can be simple for anyone who is willing to educate themselves on the best way to communicate with man’s best friend. […]

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The Right Dog Collar for Training

Using the right dog collar for training can make all the difference in an easy success or daunting task. A dog collar can be a great investment if you have a problem dog. This is a tremendous help with stubborn animals, or dogs that just have bad habits. If you have grown tired of relying […]

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Be a Responsible Dog Owner and Consider Using a Dog Training Collar!

We love dogs and we consider them to be our best friends; however, how much do we love them after barking at the slightest sound heard outside or at two o’clock in the morning? There are many reasons why dogs misbehave and there are just as many owners who are discouraged when it comes to […]

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How Effective Are Electric Remote Dog Training Collars?

A Reader Asks… How effective are these electric remote dog training collars. Also I’m finding that there is a very large price difference between the UK available products and the products available direct from Chine. Where would be the best place to purchase it from. I have an 8 month old very lovable but naughty […]

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Getting Your Dog To Stop Barking

For those of you who are working on the best way to housebreak a puppy, barking can be tough. A constantly barking dog can be a huge nuisance. It is challenging to learn how to stop your dog from barking, because there are any number of things that sets off constant barking. Then, each breed […]

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Bark Control Collar FAQ

A bark control collar can be used as a harmless and efficient training tool for eliminating your dog’s annoying or persistent barking. Following are the most often asked points I’m asked to clarify from pet owners interested in understanding how bark collars work. Bark Collars – Harmless or Harmful? There has been much controversy about […]

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Dog Training: Preventing Mischievous Habits and Promoting Great Ones

Dogs have a lot of loveable natural qualities, but they also have some not-so-cute behaviors. Digging is one of the latter, but it can persist as they bury bones, create impromptu shelters, and just feel the dirt between their paws. While it is a natural instinct in dogs, digging can be detrimental to your yard […]

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Walking on a Leash and Staying: Two Essential Commands

Many dogs have an aggressive side, and you often see this when they are on leashes. Dogs that are normally well-behaved can lunge and snarl at other dogs and people as you walk down the street. While he needs exercise, you do not want to put others at risk. What can you do about leash […]

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Help For Making A Purchase Of A Dog Training Collar

When you are making a purchase of a dog training collar, the myriad differences in the specific brands and the choices of collars inside each brand can be overwhelming. Sometime manufacturers tout their differences from the competitors and its difficult to tell how much is real and how much is advertising. One of the ways […]

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