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10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Four Legged Friend Healthy & Happy

Having a pet is about more than fun and games – you also have the responsibility to make sure your furry, feathered or scaly friends are as healthy as possible throughout their lives. While certain health and wellbeing requirements vary across different species of animals, and even across different breeds, there are some universal pet […]

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Stop Your Dog Chewing Problems,, 7 Sure Tips

Is your dog chewing up everything in sight?  This is one of the most frustrating dog behavior problems to deal with.  However, with the right dog training advice, you can solve this problem.  Here are seven tips to get you started. 1.  Give Him Lots Of Attention Your dog needs lots of one-on-one time with […]

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Steps to Reduce Dog Barking

A key component in training your dog to bark less is understanding the reasons for the barking. Barking is one way that your dog communicates with you and over time you will develop an understanding of why your dog is barking. Sometimes your dog will bark for the right reasons, when it needs to go […]

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Dog Toys – Have Fun With Your Playful Pooch

‘Tis the season to buy presents for your puppies. Just like the kids, your pets know the holidays are here. They see the buzz in the house. They small all the great holiday food that’s being cooked and they realize there’s something interesting under the tree. On Christmas day, they also see that the other […]

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Dog Toys – Playing It Safe!

The owners of the dog appeal to think about they dogs like their sons. & quot; That& #39; s my boy, & quot; they say that in order to obtain theirs own dogs. They refer like & quot; mamma& quot; or & quot; pap

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Squeaky Dog Toys – Will Excite Your Pet And See Them Smile

Squeaky dog toys are very popular and come in a wide variety of styles and options. Dogs love to play with toys and there is a good chance your dog will love playing with a squeaky dog toy. Squeaky do toys are made of many different materials including, plastic, harder rubber and many types of […]

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Dog Tug Toys – Your Companion Will Be Much More Happier

You will find controversy surrounding dog tug toys for as long as we shall live for plenty of reasons. You can ask a dog trainer, a dog handler, the veterinarian and a dog breeder all the same question on what their opinion is regarding dog tug toys and playing tug of war with your dog. […]

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Dog Chew Toys – Surprise Your Pet With A Wonderful Present

If you are a dog owner then you have probably suffered the damage of a dog that chews. Many people think that a dog who chews is angry with his owner for some reason. Truth is that dogs do not chew to retaliate against their owners. This article will explain why it is important to […]

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Dog Chew Toys – Will Surprise Your Companion And See Them Smile

When deciding on what kind of dog chew toy to get your loved pooch, there are some things to keep in mind. Most people think that if they just hit the dog with a newspaper enough then the dog will not want to chew anymore. This is far from the truth it is in a […]

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3 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dog’s Halitosis for Less Money

Halitosis can really get you sick to the bones if you have it, which is why you need to know clearly if you do really have it in your mouth. Although bad breath is a condition common to human, your dog may also have the same fate. Incredible as it may sound; your dogs are […]

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