Dog Sweaters


Top 8 Reasons to Consider Socks for Your Dog

Say what? Socks for your dog? Are they just trying to sell you on another silly dog fad? Think what you will, there several are good reasons why you should consider dog socks. Whether you have a new puppy who can’t get traction on your hardwood floors, or you have a senior dog with arthritic […]

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Top 5 Dog Clothes of 2010 (video)

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Dress Your Pal In Suave Warmth With A Dog Sweater

  Why clothes?: Animals, especially dogs, wear clothing for many reasons. The main reasons of course being to beat the winter chill as well as to be the cutest, most fashionable dog in the neighborhood. Clothes are a wonderful way to show of your doggies best features and personality, as well as keeping him or […]

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