dog separation anxiety


7 Best Calming Solutions for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

1. Kong Wobbler A lot of dog owners have reported positive results using a Kong Wobbler. The toy is designed to be filled with dog treats or kibble. The design makes it virtually impossible for your dog to get the treats out of the toy, which can help prevent separation anxiety. It takes a little […]

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The Causes Of Dog Separation Anxiety.

The causes of dog separation anxiety are numerous and varied. However there’s no full understanding by animal behavior experts concerning many of the genetic variants that allow different dogs within the same litter to act in another way to when alone. Some are perfectly content, some can and do develop anxiety when left alone. This […]

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Dog Separation Anxiety Cures…What You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

Dog separation anxiety is so common among dogs that a lot of dog owners dismiss the behavior.  Thinking it’s just their dogs personality and will grow out of it. Unfortunately, unless you work with your dog to help him/her with this panic disorder your dog will not just “grow out of it.” Your dog will […]

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Tips and Tricks for Puppy Training

There aren’t many things that are more fun than getting a puppy. But, the fun quickly dies once he’s destroyed one of your favorite pairs of shoes. However, most of it can be avoided if you can learn how to train your puppy the right way. Proper training will lead to a well mannored dog […]

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Dog Separation Anxiety

By Sandra Scott Puppy separation anxiety is an anxiety or fear experienced by your pup when you leave him. When you leave home, your anxious pup may bark or whine. In addition, he may be destructive or have potty accidents. The most likely puppies to experience separation anxiety are those with a strong attachment to […]

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Dealing With Your Puppy Chewing

Are you are having problems with your puppy chewing your furniture and possessions. You may have now gathered that your little puppy can create a huge amount of damage, from scratching wooden floors and doors, to chewing your brand new pair of very expensive shoes. As with any negative behavior, there is always a reason […]

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What to do For a Dog With Separation Anxiety

Just like people, dogs have separation anxiety. As for what causes it, there are many. As a result, the dog and the owner can have quite the difficult experience. Overcoming the separation anxiety can be work, but it pays off for both the dog and the owner in the end because it is healthier and […]

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