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Which Kibble Is Better For Your Canine?

With all of the uncertainty about food safety today, many dog owners have started making their own dog food. Holistic Dog Food is actually quite easy to make. In fact, dog owners who make their dog’s food usually discover that the process saves them money, while also ensuring their dog is fed a healthy and safe diet.

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Ideal Age to Take your Dog to Obedience Classes

Dog owners will want to be proud of the dogs they own. Not only will they want to feed the best food to their dogs and give them the best health care, dog owners will also want their dogs to be obedient. And to instill this obedience in dogs, it is necessary to give them some obedience training through obedience classes.

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Dog Training: The Six Common Mistakes To Avoid

When new trainers start training, they tend to make a lot of mistakes in their approach and methods in their training process. There are some mistakes that are common among most trainers.

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Mastiff Insurance Do YOU Need It ?

Mastiff dog insurance is not high on most American’s agenda despite tens of millions of dog owners , to date this peculiarity remains a bit of a mystery. We don’t hesitate to purchase health insurance for ourselves , omitting our pets when just about everything else in our lives is insured just doesn’t make sense.

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The Best Dog Training Guide Ever?

It isn’t often that I discover something in the world of dog training that genuinely impresses me, but recently I ran across a dog training guide that’s plainly superior. Prior to telling you what it’s about, I just want you to be clear on what it is NOT. It’s NOT a dog training book that […]

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Potty Training a Dog: The Mindset of Gold

The process of potty training a dog can turn out one of two ways. 1) It can be difficult, and grueling, and an un-enjoyable task, or 2) it can be fun, simple, and great bonding time between you and your pup. Some dog owners would disagree, and say that potty training a dog is difficult. […]

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Aggressive Dog Breeds – Nature Vs Nurture

Here’s a sobering issue. Aggression in dogs does, and will continue to raise controversy in the ongoing ‘nature’ vs ‘nurture’ argument among dog owners and critics alike. Many people have misconceptions about what breeds aggressive and what ones aren’t. As a general rule, aggressive dog breeds are behave instinctually, using aggression as a means to […]

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