dog odor


Does Your Dog Smell? Here’s How You Can Combat This Stinky Problem

Many dogs have that “stinky dog odor”, in particular when they come in out of the rain (or chasing sprinklers). Nonetheless, some tend to stink more than others. This can be due to a range of reasons, a few of which may call for a vet’s attention. Here’s several causes for pet dog smells as […]

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Whats The Best Method To Clean Dog Urine From Carpets

Dogs don’t come up from the breeder already housebroken thus one of the first trainings a dog owner has to undertake is to train the dog to use its own bathroom. However, even pets well trained to defecate and urinate in the designated spot would still have accidents inside the house. Any pet owner would […]

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The Dog Smells Awful

It is very true. Your best friend stinks.Your dog? Still your favorite friend. Loyal. Uncomplicated. Dedicated.Completely True.Truly undemanding (most of the time)!).Here is the question: What more could a friend want from another?Here is the answer…A fragrant dog-friend. How did this problem come to pass.In the long-ago days, man’s best friend was also a hunter-friend, […]

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