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What Dog Behavior Training Does Your New Pup Need?

If you have children the discussion about getting a puppy has no doubt cropped up time and time again. You have also no doubt discussed the responsibilities your child or children will have to assume because you know what it takes to look after a new pup.

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Discover If Your Dog Has A Fever

Is Fido still in his bed, lying uninterested in his toys, uninterested in the meaty bone stashed under his blanket? Even breakfast is going untouched and what is more worrying his drinking bowl is still full. Wave the leash at him and he stares at you with his rummy and dull eyes. Is Fido bored with life? Is he depressed? He may very well be making a statement about his home-life, but it much more likely that these listless behavioural symptoms are a sign of fever.

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Ideal Age to Take your Dog to Obedience Classes

Dog owners will want to be proud of the dogs they own. Not only will they want to feed the best food to their dogs and give them the best health care, dog owners will also want their dogs to be obedient. And to instill this obedience in dogs, it is necessary to give them some obedience training through obedience classes.

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Shocking Training Dog Collar Guide

Training a dog can be a rewarding experience, especially if the dog that you are training is your own. Having training aids can be a great help, if you know what you are doing. Items such as training collars have proven to be effective, if used in the right hands. If you are unsure and have no expertise in dog training, then training collars have the capacity to seriously injure your dog. This article is going to attempt to explain about the different types of training collars on offer and which ones you should be considering using. It is also advisable to get expert help as well.

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