Dog Intelligence


How Buying the Right Dogs Toys Can Help to Boost Their Intelligence

Giving your dog the right kind of toys to play with can produce many benefits for both them and you. 
 There is a common misconception that dogs’ toys are only designed to help relieve their boredom, but this is not their only use. 
 Dogs toys in general are excellent for relieving their boredom […]

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The Peter Pan of Boxer Puppy Care

Boxers have a very long puppyhood and are most frequently called, the “Peter Pan” of the dog world. They are not considered fully mature until they are two to three years old. Therefore, Boxer puppy care is extremely important.  This is one of the longest puppyhoods in the dog kingdom. They need a lot of […]

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The Confident and Outgoing Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known for their gentle well-mannered temperament, making them easy to train and loyal companion dogs, because of this they make a wonderful addition to any family. They were bred to work as retrievers for hunters, a task that requires lots of energy and endurance. Although hunters very rarely use them these days […]

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