dog growling


Difficulties Involved in Housebreaking

You should waste no time starting the process of housebreaking your new dog — once you have him home, you are ready to begin. While some people like to give their new dog a little time to get to know the family and the house before laying down the law, this can only lead to […]

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Ceasing The Destructive Behavior Of Aggressive Dogs

When you first bring home your sweet little puppy you never think that one day it could be a dog that is one mistake away from being sent off. Aggressive dogs are not created overnight. Dogs are not born to automatically be mean or a threat to people. Dogs that are properly trained and well […]

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What Should I Do When My Dog Growls?

By Sandra Scott A dog that growls at you is sending a clear message that must be heeded. All too frequently, humans fail to comprehend these warning signals; dogs use growling to get their message across to humans and other animals. Normally, a dog only shows aggression when he feels under attack or in a […]

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Dog Training and Why It is Important

Dog training is no simple process, and it can very easily push your patience to the limit. The key though is to remember that the hard part will only last for a little while. Shortly afterwords you will be able to enjoy letting your dog play and run without any misfortunes or incidents. You will […]

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Secret Of Stopping Your Puppy Growling

It’s perfectly normal for a puppy or dog to growl when playing a game like tug of war. However, it’s also a sign of aggression and can be a sign the dog may bite – so be careful! You need to know if the growling is appropriate or inappropriate. If your puppy or dog is […]

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