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Spring and Summer Activities with Your Dog

Summer is an ideal time for nice memories with animals. There are so many outdoor activities out there that it’s easy to name a dog this season. From summer walks to beach walks in parks, there are many things you can do with your dog in summer. Swimming is very fun for dog Many dogs […]

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Teach your dog to heel without being drug around!

Getting drug around your yard by your dog is no fun. However learning how to train your dog to heel is one of the best ways to avoid being drug around your yard. I know this because I have two English Mastiffs one is a male, one is a female. They have a tendency to […]

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Furreal Friends Biscuit – Fake Dog, But Real Fun

Furreal Friends Biscuit is a toy dog that you might want to consider bringing into your home. After all, he doesn’t make messes, doesn’t need to be brushed or bathed, and, if he gets too yappy, you can turn him off with the flip of a switch. Biscuit is starting to sound like an ideal […]

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