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Q&A: What is the best dog food for my dog and puppy?

Question by Felicia: What is the best dog food for my dog and puppy? I have a 3 yr old lab-terrior mix, and a 13 week old dachshund beagle mix. I have been feeding them purina dog-puppy chow, but both are picky so I’m looking to change their diet. My grandma had recommended that I […]

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What type of dog food would you recommend?

Question by nicholask: What type of dog food would you recommend? Personally I like Innova dog food for my dog. However, my cousin is going to be working at Petco and he can get a discount for whatever dog food he purchases from there. What, if any, dog food brands would you recommend from Petco. […]

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Dog Food Brand – What You Need to Know

Feeding your dog can be filled with stress. Many dog owners take a zealous approach to how they feed their dog and can be quite judgmental of other dog owners when the issue of a dog’s food comes up. The reality is that what you feed your dog is your own decision. It will be […]

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Our Simple and Easy Guidelines For Taking Care Of The Needs Of Your Small Puppy

Taking care of a small dog would involve the same functions as with larger dogs. The owner of a small dog must however make some adaptations to suit the animal’s specific needs. Just think about some of the everyday events that may need to be looked at when considering certain needs. Feeding time: You must […]

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Choosing Quality Dog Food Tips

When searching for quality organic dog food it is vital that you read the label and have the knowledge to understand and interpret the information you find. When glancing at the label, look for the first oil or fat that is listed. All items placed above the first fat source are considered to be the […]

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