Dog Crate


What You Need to Know Before You Get a Puppy

A puppy can come to be your best buddy as well as a devoted companion. However, you have to learn what you are getting into before you go out and purchase a puppy from a dog breeder. I have been working with dogs for quite a while now and feel capable of sharing a couple […]

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Heated Dog Houses

If your dog (or cat) spends much time cooped up in an outdoor house, you better make sure it’s heated and comfortable during the winter months. Here’s some pet houses that are heated and a few heating accessories you can add to an existing dog house.

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Gorilla Tough® Classic Fold & Carry Dog Cage |

Take this dog cage anywhere – a fold-down design and carrying handle make this cage ideal for travel. Or, use cage anywhere around the home – it takes just seconds to set up – or break down for space-saving storage when not in use. Shop Now: Video Rating: 4 / 5 Watch the building […]

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Choosing the right crate for your dog

Choosing the right crate for your dog Choose the material: Dog crates usually come in three materials: plastic, wire or soft materials. Plastic crates are den-like and enclosed, which may make your dog feel safer. They are also easier to clean. Wire crates are usually easy to store and … Read more on Police: […]

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Photo: Basilisk & Ginger at Main Base / photograph by Xavier Mertz

Basilisk & Ginger at Main Base / photograph by Xavier Mertz Image by State Library of New South Wales collection Format: Glass negative Notes: First Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914 From the collections of the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales Information about photographic collections of the State Library of New South Wales: […]

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Article: Dog Crates – Selecting The Right One

Article by Bonnie Bennett Dog crates are lovely equipment to carry around your sweet little pet or just use this enclosure for security purposes. You need not think you are punishing your dog by confining it in this kind of a crate because the dog crate is a like a den for the animal where […]

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Q&A: What is a good small dog to start a kennel with?

Question by Chloe G: What is a good small dog to start a kennel with? My Dad said when I turn 12 my he will let me start a small dog kennel he had one for pit bulls sos i know he’s good, and I dont know what type of small dog to use. Best […]

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I like: Aqua Dog Crate Cover

Aqua Dog Crate Cover Aqua Dog Crate Cover. With this crate cover by Molly Mutt, you’ll have a crate that matches your lifestyle (and your living room!). Door panel rolls down for full closure, or snaps up to keep it open for easy access. Add a matching duvet for a stylish crate, inside and out! […]

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Q&A: How to make dog crate warm while camping?

Question by mkt: How to make dog crate warm while camping? Our dog is an inside dog, he’s had it pretty good – but when camping the temp could drop to 40 degrees & that’s COLD for us…and him. We’ll bring his crate because it’s his sanctuary but it’s metal & open. Should I cover […]

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Article: How To Find A Good Dog Crate

Article by Todd McGing Your home is the family den to which your dog belongs, occupying a position on the ladder of hierarchy within your family. Your dog, if introduced correctly, will learn that the dog crate is his very own room within your household, much the same as your children’s bedrooms are their space […]

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