Dog Biscuit


Great Durable Dog Toys

Durable Dog Toys There are lots of Durable Dog Toys out there, but the trick is in knowing which ones really are.  Really durable toys can be hard to find. I realize this every time I walk down the hall and find that one of our lovable canine critters has demolished another toy. This is […]

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Tips for Housebreaking A New Dog

Housebreaking a dog is more than just getting the dog to relieve himself in the right place and at the right time. It includes this, but it also involves his entire behavior in the house. He must learn things like what rooms he is allowed to enter and what places he is not allowed to […]

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Furreal Friends Biscuit – Fake Dog, But Real Fun

Furreal Friends Biscuit is a toy dog that you might want to consider bringing into your home. After all, he doesn’t make messes, doesn’t need to be brushed or bathed, and, if he gets too yappy, you can turn him off with the flip of a switch. Biscuit is starting to sound like the perfect […]

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Case Study on Dog Food Aggression

Biscuit, a Great Dane is almost a year old . Biscuit’s previous owner needs to relocate, thus, they had him adopted by the Scott family . In his new house, the Scotts had the two Golden Retrievers share their home with Biscuit. The new dog did not display any aggression problems with his previous owner […]

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Compare Healthy Dog Biscuits For More Brilliant Treat Choices!

The instinctual selection for training rewards for your dog are dog biscuits because they are a neat, convenient treat for rewarding correct behavior.

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