Dog Aggression


The Importance of Dog Dental Care.

It is important for dog owners to practice dental care for their pets to prevent them from dental disease. DENTAL DISEASE Affects the teeth, gums, and structures that surround and support a dog’s teeth. This disease begins with simple plaque buildup on the teeth. Plaque contains bacteria and food particles. Dental disease is common in […]

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Dog Training Guide Receives Top 5-Star Rating From

 xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns=””> Dog Training Guide Receives Top 5-Star Rating From 2010 5-Star Award Overland Park, KS (Vocus) October 20, 2010 recently awarded their highest 5-star rating to Secrets to Dog Training, an industry leader […]

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Aggression In Puppies, Nip It In The Bud

If you have ever tried training a dog, you will know that one of the hardest things to do is to change a pattern of aggression in a dog’s behaviour. It is best to make sure this does not turn into a real issue later on by nipping it in the bud early on. Since […]

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How to Stop Dog Aggression Over Food

If your dog is aggressive at dinnertime, you will want to correct this problem behavior. Any type of aggression like this could morph into more serious aggression problems and even lead to someone getting bit. The watch signs of this type of aggression are very distinct and not all that uncommon. Even though the dog […]

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Understanding & stopping Aggression in Dogs.

Many animal owners had this common problem for years together ; fighting the aggression in dogs and keeping it under control.  If you understand the theorem as to what causes dogs to be assertive and how to regulate it, then the probabilities of not being a victim of dog aggression is high.  It is astounding […]

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Tips on Training Aggressive Dogs

Dogs are naturally aggressive. This trait of dogs developed over many centuries ensuring their survival in the wild. Selective breeding and domestication processes have minimised and refined dog aggression. Some tips to help you to understand your dogs aggressive behaviour are below. Why is my dog aggressive? Factors such as lack of exposure to other […]

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Keeping Your Dog’s Biting Playful.

When your dog’s biting is no longer playful, control it.When dogs bite fiercely, look into the possibility of behavior modification being an approriate solution.   You may wish to check Secrets To Dog Training Review.   Do you Truly Believe It’s Behavioral?   When your dog bites aggressively, ensure yourself that the cause is not […]

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Ways to Stop Dog Aggression

Known Methods to Stop Dog Aggression There are many reasons that a dog might become aggressive toward other dogs.  Some dogs might get nervous or fearful around other dogs.In other cases the dog may strive to be the dominant dog.Under certain circumstances, the dog might be very aggressive since defending its territory is its priority.The […]

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Preventing Aggressive Behavior Towards Food In Your Dog

Food aggression is most often seen in dogs who are rescued from homes where they were abused or neglected. Biting, growling, or snapping are all forms of food aggression. When attempting to pat your dog whilst its in the processs of eating it may well turn aggressively towards you.   Self-preservation is the most common […]

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How To Become A Certified Dog Trainer

Television can bring to light many different types of careers. One of these is being a certified dog trainer. This is an ideal career is a person loves to work around animals. It may not be a traditional job in an office but it is a career in which someone is doing what they love. […]

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