Dog Activity


What Is A Human Equivalent Activity To A Dog Sniffing Each Others Behind?

A Reader Asks… My wife and I have a bet.

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What Activity Do You Do With Your Dog Or Puppy When The Weather Is Bad?

A Reader Asks… If you have a dog or puppy that don’t like to go outside for a walk when the weather is bad what other activities can you do with your dog to substitute the normal walk time?

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What Is A Fun Play-time Activity To Do With Your Dog??

A Reader Asks… I’m worried that my yellow lab isn’t getting tired of me kicking the ball around and him fetching it and bringing it back. I usually throw the frisbee once in a awhile. I’m just looking for a new, unique play-time activity to do with my dog (lab). Any suggestions?

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What Is Your Favorite Dog Activity And Why?

A Reader Asks… I got tired of what’s your favorite breed questions so what is your favorite dog sport?

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