How Much Does Dog Training At Petco Cost?

A Reader Asks… I`m getting a beagle in a few days, and I want to train it before i do anything. Does anyone know how much it costs to train a dog at Petco? What is the price range for them? I am getting a small 3 month old Beagle, does anyone know how much […]

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Does Anyone Know Of Any Send-away Dog Training Programs In The Los Angeles Area?

A Reader Asks… Similar to the Divine Canine show on Animal Planet. People send their out of contorl pets to a monastery where the monks there who happen to be dog trainers train the dog for a month and then give your perfectly behaved dog back.

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How Much Activity Does My Dog Need? How Much Space?

A Reader Asks… I have a 6 month old boxer/mastiff mix who stays indoors with me most of the time right now. I walk him for 3 miles a day (usually one walk but sometimes two trips of 1.5 miles each), and at night he usually needs to go out and play for 20mins-1hour (we […]

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Does Anyone Know Of A Good Dog Training School?

A Reader Asks… I need a good dog training school thats in San jose and teaches: obedience Tricks, Manners games and doin their business on a puppy/ dog pad..

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What Does The Bark Busters Dog Training Company Charge To Train Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost for a dog trainer from Bark Busters to train my dog. My dog jumps up, barks when the doorbell rings, does not come when called, etc. If you could give me an estimate of how much it costs to use […]

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How Much Does Dog Training Generally Cost? Mainly For Obedience?

A Reader Asks… I’d like to know how much dog obedience training usually costs Or even where I could personally learn how to train and influence my dog’s behaviors. Thank you for helping

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Does Anybody Know Of A Tough Dog Toy?

A Reader Asks… My dog gets toys from us all the time, but the problem is that he can chew it up to much. He likes any toys but it is so hard to find a good toy even when they say tough toys for strong chewers.-He still chews it up! thank you!

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How Does A Whistle Work With Dog Training? A Silent One Or A “normal” One?

A Reader Asks… How does one use the whistle when training a dog? To tell him “what to do” (blowing the whistle, and saying the command come, for example) or “what NOT to do”, lets say if the dog is nipping your trousers legs and you want him to stop?

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Does Anyone Know Of A Good Dog Training Class In The Horfield/filton Area Of Bristol?

A Reader Asks… I have just adopted a second dog and would like to find a good training class to take both of them to. I live in Horfield, Bristol so anything close to there would be great. Thanks.

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Does Anyone Know Of A Good Dvd About Dog Training?

A Reader Asks… I am planning on getting a dog, but I’ve never had one before and I don’t know the first thing about training. I want to train it so it doesn’t end up like my cousin’s dog who jumps all over people and barks at everything. I want my dog to be my […]

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