Pup Can’t Hear You? Try Cleaning Their Ears

What are the chances that your dog is ignoring you because their ears are either impacted from too much wax or have an ear infection? Well we don’t know the exact figures, but if you’ve never cleaned their ears before then it’s a very distinct possibility that your fur baby isn’t just practicing selective hearing. […]

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4 DIY Pet Help Websites And Communities

Animal lovers reading this know that a pet is part of the family. You love them, care for them, have fun with them, build memories with them…just like you would any other person within your home. But sometimes they get sick, and more effort has to be put in to let them regain their health. […]

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Do-it-yourself Military Canine Tag Style MED ID Tag

AMP-three, LLC www.amp-3.web AMP-three Store http AMP-3 Weblog www.amp-3.web This is the third video clip in a three-element series discussing options to carry health care data in the subject while pursuing adventure activities. Keep in mind, be well prepared, be protected and have fun! The life you help save could be your personal. Click the […]

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