Different Styles


Where can I find a good website on dog grooming with good pictures and illustrations?

A reader asked.. I was curious about dog grooming and would like to see the different styles and cuts for different dogs, thanks!

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Your Pet Will Love The Benefits Of Selecting A The Right Sized Dog Purse Carrier For Your Small Doggie

Many of the top pop singers, socialites, and Hollywood stars carrying around their dog with flair in a dog purse carrier. Most of us cannot afford to put down the thousands of dollars demanded for those snazzy designer brand dog purse carriers. That does not mean we cannot carry our dog in style. Prior to […]

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Valuable Yet Simple Ideas To Follow When Searching For Stylish And Functional Jeweled Dog Collars

People use dog collars for all kinds of reasons. Knowing how you plan to use your dog collar will help you choose the right one. Often people use a specific type of collar for training their dog while other people just need a place to put the ID tags in case the dog gets lost. […]

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