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Dog Beds Today

Dogs sleep about 14 hours a day, so buying a comfy dog bed is important . Gone are the days when you were just basically buying a lump of pillow.  Does your dog like to curl up, or is he or she  more of a sprawler?Deep beds, bolster or high walls will make them feel […]

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I Just Want The DOG To Stop Barking NOW!

Does your dog or even worse yet, your neighbor’s dog bark all the bloody time? If so it’s pretty easy to reach your whit’s end rather quickly. After a while you really don’t care why the little nincompoops doing it, you just want to make the barking stop. Does that sound about right to you? […]

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How To Pick the Right Dog Soap

Shampoos For Your Dog Your dog has a unique kind of skin. The bathing soap for his skin type allows him to have a coat that is shiny and spotless. There are different kinds of shampoos obtainable for your dog. If he has dry skin he must have the most beneficial shampoo for his type […]

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Bark Control Collar FAQ

A bark control collar can be used as a harmless and efficient training tool for eliminating your dog’s annoying or persistent barking. Following are the most often asked points I’m asked to clarify from pet owners interested in understanding how bark collars work. Bark Collars – Harmless or Harmful? There has been much controversy about […]

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Here’s How To Fix The Digging Problem

If you would like to know how to stop a dog from digging, then this article will show you how. In particular, we are goign to look at why dogs enjoy digging, and what you can do to discourage this behavior from happening when you don’t want it to. By the time you have finished […]

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Dog Food Secrets – Are Commercial Dog Food Safe?

Ultimately, one will realize that manufactured canned dog foods are not the best for dogs. Although there are many substantial claims that the formulas used for these dog foods are scientifically tested to meet the required dietary allowance of our beloved pets, one would have to consider that dogs of the ancient times never really […]

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