Different Dog Breeds


How Smart Is Your Dog? Find Out with ‘Dognition’

A dog scooting butt-down across the carpet may not seem like the clever animal that comes closest to human babies in communication skills. But a Web app aims to build on the discovery by enabling thousands of dog owners to record the results of playful experiments with their canine companions. The “Dognition” project could revolutionize […]

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My Dog Votes™ Launches Insurance Discrimination Survey on Behalf of the Dog Federation of New York

Albany, NY (PRWEB) March 13, 2006 Dog Federation Of New York and My Dog Votes™ announced the launch of the first survey of its kind to explore what many canine population experts have long feared: Responsible, caring dog owners have been unfairly targeted by homeowners insurance companies that drop, deny or eliminate coverage […]

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Dog Trick Training Tips : Myths About Dog Training Breeds

There many myths about what dog breeds can and cannot be taught dog tricks. Learn the truth about training different dog breeds with tips from a professional dog trainer in this free pet care vide. . .

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Know Which Kind Of Puppy For Sale Ads To Respond To

With many hundreds of different dog breeds to choose from and thousands of different personalities as well to have to deal with, you will have your hands full locating an ideal puppy and your efforts will require doing more than simply browsing dog breeders that offer puppy for sale. To get the best deal in […]

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Grooming Helps Keep Your Dogs Coat Healthy

Grooming is something most people take for granted. We primp and preen, bath and strive to maintain a good physical appearance. Good grooming habits contribute not only to appearance but to overall good health. The responsibilities that come with owning a dog are many and our pet dogs rely on us to provide them with […]

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