Why Is My Dog Struggling to Eat Dry Food?

Has your dog stopped eating his dry food suddenly? Or have you tried changing up his diet by adding dry kibble, and your dog won’t eat it? It can happen that your fur baby may just stop eating a certain food, or if changes are made to his food, he may not like it. There […]

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Veterinary diagnosticians using test to determine severity of new dog disease

There’s a new disease lurking at the dog park. Canine circovirus, also called dog circovirus, was discovered in 2012; however, researchers are still trying to determine the severity of the disease, according to Jianfa Bai, molecular diagnostician and assistant professor at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dogs infected with circovirus may show symptoms […]

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Sick As a Dog: Is it Time to Take Your Dog to the Vet?

Dogs, like people, occasionally get sick. But just like we don’t go to the doctor for every cold, our dogs don’t need to go the vet for every little cough. That being said, how do you know when the illness is serious for a trip to the vet? Below is a list of 5 common […]

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Treating Diarrhea in Puppies

By Jon Geller Q: I adopted a puppy from the shelter, we think he is about 3-4 months old, he has continual diarrhea, what’s wrong and how do I stop it. A: Diarrhea is one of those conditions that most dog owners would like to correct quickly. Unfortunately, there often are […]

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Dog Nutrition Healthy Dog Treats Illnesses Sick Symptoms Diseases Diarrhea Lyme

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Dog Diarrhea

Diarrhea can, and chances are will come to every dog you ever have in your lifetime and is a very common type of illness to have but in most cases is nothing serious and is not a cause to worry. Lots of things can cause diarrhea in your dog and although on most cases the […]

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Wake Up And Smell The Parvo!

There is one common thread that unites many of the 850+ customers we’ve worked with during the past two years, and this is it: people don’t seem to appreciate just how aggressive and fast-acting the Parvo virus is. You can go to bed one night, with a perfectly healthy-looking, happy dog, and wake up in […]

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Canine Parvo Treatment – Test Your Knowledge

It’s already Spring time, which means the Parvo season is upon us already, and there is a much more aggressive strain of Parvo that is killing dogs at a truly alarming rate. The 2c Strain can kill both adult dogs and puppies within 6-12 hours after symptoms first appear, even though they may be fully-vaccinated […]

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Heres What I Do When My Dog Has Diarrhea

The digestive system of the dog is an efficient system, and dog diarrhea is fairly uncommon. But I’ve found that when my dog has diarrhea it is usually due to something very specific, if I think about it. Diarrhea in dogs is most often caused by things like:

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My Dog Has Diarrhea! Now What Do I Do?

I know that when my dog has diarrhea, I am almost as miserable as she is. Thankfully, it doesnt happen often and can usually be traced back to some cause that I can hope to avoid in the future. Here are some of the major reasons for dog diarrhea:

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