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Dog Chewing

Chewing is a matter of individual preference among dogs: some derive great pleasure from chewing and others just do it when they are extremely bored. The phrase “destructive chewing” may sound redundant, because – by its very nature! – all chewing is destructive. With a mouthfull of sharp, pointy teeth: just about everything will show […]

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End Dog Chewing Problems — Three Things You Must Know To Stop Dogs From Chewing

Are you frustrated with dog chewing problems?  Why do canines engage in destructive dog behavior like this?  How can you stop destructive chewing?  Learn easy ways to stop dogs from chewing by reading this article. Why Does My Dog Chew On Everything? Puppies usually chew on thngs for one reason; they’re cutting teeth.  If you’ve […]

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Stop Puppy Chewing Now — The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dog Training Basics

Tell me, does this describe you?Puppy chewing is turning your dream of having a happy, obedient dog into a nightmare of dog chewing problems while your belongings are shredded into a million little pieces.  Don’t despair.  You can stop puppy chewing by learning some dog training basics.  You Need To Understand Why Puppies Chew On […]

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Ten Ways To Stop Puppy Chewing Before Your House Looks Like A Demolition Zone

Let’s face it, puppies and chewing go together like bread and butter. Puppies learn about their surroundings by either sniffing on something or putting it in their mouths and chewing on it. Puppies chew on things, but to avoid destructive chewing, it’s up to their owners to teach them which items are off-limits. Here are […]

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Four Common Causes Of Dog Chewing Problems

Has this ever happened to you?  You come home to find that your dog has been chewing on your favorite shoes–again!  If dog chewing problems are a headache for you, read on to discover the four big reasons for destructive chewing.    A Bored Dog Is A Dog That Will Engage In Destructive Dog Behavior Dogs […]

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You Can Stop Dogs From Chewing By Using These Seven Tips

Why is it that destructive chewing is a problem for so many dogs?  How to stop dogs from chewing is the question of the year for many dog owners.  Read on to find seven solutions for dog chewing problems. Why Do Dogs Chew? There are several reasons why dogs enjoy chewing on things.  The first […]

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