Dog Training Tricks – How to Get Your Dog to “Come” Every Time You Call

You are trying to tell your dog to come here. It ignores you. You try again getting a bit more frustrated. No matter how much you shout at your dog it does not seem to react. There are simple dog training tricks that can make this work so that your dog will come to […]

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Rain Slicker Dog Jacket

Rain Slicker Dog JacketRetail price: $45.75 Sale price: $11.00 Six days a week in any weather the postman makes his rounds. But your dog never takes a day off. When Mother Nature wont cooperate, the Rain Slicker Dog Jacket keeps the weather out. This dog coat has a waterproof PVC coating, durable ripstop lining and […]

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Dog Training Tip Of The Day- Gotcha!

Many of the dogs? S really, if the collar is taken if they are loose and ran away? Ngstliches. This video was inspired by the little Shiba Inu, who this morning at par. I got caught.

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