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Aggressive Dog Training With Daniel Stevens

 xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”> Aggressive Dog Training With Daniel Stevens Bishop, CA (PRWEB) November 3, 2006 Professional dog trainer Daniel Stevens now offers aggressive dog training online. His new program and website will guide you step-by-step on dealing with aggressive dogs. Dealing […]

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Dog Training Guide Receives Top 5-Star Rating From TopConsumerReviews.com

 xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”> Dog Training Guide Receives Top 5-Star Rating From TopConsumerReviews.com TopConsumerReviews.com 2010 5-Star Award Overland Park, KS (Vocus) October 20, 2010 TopConsumerReviews.com recently awarded their highest 5-star rating to Secrets to Dog Training, an industry leader […]

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Secrets to Dog Training Review; the updated SitStayFetch

Do you find your best mate a totally uncontrollable when your exercising him? Even when they are in the house, dogs can be a nightmare if they are not trained. Many owners try unsuccessful techniques to try and train their dogs to become obedient when out for a run and around strangers, then find themselves […]

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Review of Secrets to Dog Training (formerly known as SitStayFetch)

By Sandra Scott On February 2, 2009, the newly revamped SitStayFetch was launched as Secrets to Dog Training. SitStayFetch has been the top selling dog training course for over four years, and it has been bought by over 64,000 dog owners world-wide. Having taken a close look at it, I understand why it has outsold all other dog […]

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Can Daniel Stevens Sit Stay Fetch Help Your Dog?

Sit Stay Fetch contains various dog training/obedience guides, however is mainly an eBook which is downloaded to your computer and you can view on screen or print out (see Product Specifications section). >> View Official SitStayFetch Report Daniel Stevens (the SitStayFetch Author) wrote this book to be a simple guide and system for anyone to […]

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Eliminate Dog Aggression

Are you having aggression problems with your beloved dog and need to obedience train your dog in a hurry? Then you’re in the right place. Here are four side-by-side reviews of the four best dog aggression training sites in the net today.   Sit Stay Fetch is the most excellent dog training website and we […]

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SitStayFetch Review – How To Stop Bad Dog Behaviour

Dogs particularly from young should be trained to stop bad dog behaviour. I recommend SitStayfetch by Daniel Stevens if you want to learn how to train your dog fast and effectively. Dogs are loyal companions though sometimes they can misbehave especially young puppies. This may be in the form of barking non-stop, biting things around […]

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House Training Puppy Tips

You will want to ask yourself a couple of questions when it comes to the best way to house train, puppy and trainer in unison. If you want to stop your puppy from driving you insane with such heart-stopping actions like racing out the front door at every opportunity, suffering from separation anxiety and chewing up things like your best pair of shoes, or howling in the middle of the night then you have come to the right place. This covers house training, and more importantly, one thing that will make it that much easier.

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Golden Retriever Behavior Problems

Having issues keeping your Golden Retriever in line? It’s a common problem when dealing with very smart dogs. Here’s a few tips from dog expert Daniel Stevens that might help. His best-selling dog training course has been a real life-saver for me, and at a price of $37, it’s well worth the money. Disobedience There’s […]

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Yorkshire Terrier Books

I recent discovered an excellent book entitled “Yorkshire Terrier Training”, by dog expert Dean Rankin, that really seems to cover all of the bases of training these little bundles of energy. Click here to take a peek at his webpage. (He offers lots of bonuses too). Another great ebook author, Daniel Stevens (author of SitStayFetch), […]

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