Puppy Potty Training: Dangerous Diseases Outside

One of the major concerns about potty training a puppy to use the bathroom outside in the busy city is the possible spread of disease. Deadly distemper and parvo disease, as well as parasites, can be transferred via infected canine feces and bodily fluids. A puppy’s immature immune system leaves him open to all kinds […]

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Dangerous Dogs ‘Traded Like Mobile Phones’

Dangerous dogs are being “traded like mobile phones” and used as business assets in drug deals, according to research. Young men are breeding the dogs, injecting them with steroids and vitamin supplements and filing their teeth to make them more aggressive before selling them, sometimes for up to £10,000. Gang members are using so-called “status […]

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Signs of Loaded Gun Dogs: The Dark Side of Dangerous or Soon-to-be “Red Zone Dogs”

Here’s where your dog’s dark secrets will come to light. Experts refer to these dogs as “Red Zone Dogs,” “Ticking Time Bombs” or “Loaded Guns.” Any way you choose to label them, these doggies are always in need of the immediate help of an expert who has the expertise in dealing with extreme dominance and […]

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Chihuahuas And Chocolate: A Dangerous Combination

If your Chihuahua has actually ever consumed chocolate, you understand very first hand the threats of what can occur to it. While many of us people can consume chocolate without a 2nd idea, smaller sized canines (specifically Chihuahuas) aren’t rather as lucky.Chocolate is generally believed of as an excellent tasting tasty or sweet bar. Be […]

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