Missouri high court strikes down puppy mill defamation suit –

Missouri high court strikes down puppy mill defamation suit – STLtoday.comMissouri high court strikes down puppy mill defamation suitSTLtoday.comA Beagle/Boston Terrier mixed breed dog is held while it’s claws are clipped on Wednesday morning, Feb. 26, 2014, at the Humane Society of Missouri in St. Louis. A Howell County breeder voluntarily surrendered 135 dogs […]

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Alleged ‘Dognapper’ Due In Court Next Week, Faces Year Behind Bars – CBS Local

Alleged ‘Dognapper’ Due In Court Next Week, Faces Year Behind Bars – CBS Local CBS LocalAlleged ‘Dognapper’ Due In Court Next Week, Faces Year Behind BarsCBS LocalBLOOMFIELD TWP. (WWJ) – A Clarkston man accused of stealing a 10-month-old Siberian Husky puppy from outside a grocery store is due to appear in court next week. Joseph […]

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Yukon Family Gets Another Day In Court To Keep Dogs Alive

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Dog was starving to death, court told

Several witnesses at an animal cruelty case in St. John’s say the dog in question was starving to death. Christopher Whelan of Lakeview is charged with failing to provide adequate food, water and shelter for his Rottweiler mix, Lady. In court, witnesses have testified that the dog was so thin and emaciated when seized last […]

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Texas court says bereaved dog owners can’t sue

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Man’s best friend is priceless. But a dog gone is worth nothing in Texas. The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that bereaved dog owners can’t sue for emotional damages when someone else is to blame for the death of a pet. A Fort Worth family had challenged the law after an […]

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Dog sniff unconstitutional? Supreme Court rules drug dog sniffs constitute illegal search

Dog sniff unconstitutional: Justice Antonin Scalia said a person has the Fourth Amendment right to be free from the government’s gaze inside their home and in the area surrounding it, which is called the curtilage. By Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press / March 26, 2013 The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that police cannot bring drug-sniffing police dogsonto […]

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Following attack fate of dogs in Fair Lawn up to court

Fair lawn – Two escaped dogs allegedly attacked a resident and his dog while on a walk earlier this month, leaving the resident injured and his dog dead. The borough is holding the accused dogs for public safety reasons, while the dogs’ owner is fighting for their release. The incident occurred on Jan. 3, when […]

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Celebrity Dog Coach

Celebrity Dog Coach Read more on Santa Barbara Independent Court: State Must Prove Drug Dog Reliability In a pair of cases involving routine traffic stops, the Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that prosecutors must prove the reliability of a drug detection dog when a police officer relies on the dog to conduct a search without […]

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Court bars man from seeing dog (humorous)

A Spanish male was initially provided consent by his partner to check out Yako, a golden retriever, when they separated however he appealed to a lower court when she stopped him from seeing the pet dog.

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